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The Great Falls District

of the

Grand Lodge of the Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Montana


Instituted on September 16th 1880, with the founding of Benton Lodge #25, Freemasonry has been a vital part of the area ever since. We are proud to represent the world's oldest and largest (estimated around 3 million members worldwide) fraternity. Freemasonry is founded on a core belief that, through a common dedication to a Supreme Being and several essential principles, good men may be made better.

This site will provide you with a fuller understanding of Freemasonry and our work in our Ancient Craft, and information on how to contact and join us.

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Great Falls District Lodges

District Officer Wor. Tracy L. Bratcher



GreatFalls District Lodges are located in the following Montana cities; Augusta, Cascade, Choteau, Conrad, Cut Bank, Fort Benton, Geraldine, Great Falls, and Shelby. Please check the Lodge page for specific lodge contact information.

Benton Lodge #25 Fort Benton
Cascade Lodge #34 Great Falls
Choteau Lodge #44 Choteau
Augusta Lodge #54 Augusta
Euclid Lodge #58 Great Falls
Pondera Lodge #80 Conrad
Cut Bank Lodge #82 Cut Bank
Meridian Lodge #105 Cascade
Delta Lodge #128 Great Falls
Shelby Lodge #143 Shelby


Our Objectives

Mentoring of New Candidates

Mentoring of New Lodge Officers

Provide Players for Degree Teams

Mentoring of Lodge Members for Degrees and Lectures

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