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The Headwaters District

of the

Grand Lodge of the Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Montana


Instituted on January 26th, 1866, with the founding of Virginia City Lodge #1, Freemasonry has been a vital part of the area ever since. We are proud to represent the world's oldest and largest (estimated around 3 million members worldwide) fraternity. Freemasonry is founded on a core belief that, through a common dedication to a Supreme Being and several essential principles, good men may be made better.

This site will provide you with a fuller understanding of Freemasonry and our work in our Ancient Craft, and information on how to contact and join us.

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Headwaters District Lodges

District Officer Wor. Johnathon L. Dahlquist
c 208-680-1251

Headwaters District Lodges are located in the following Montana cities; Dillon, Ennis, Manhattan, Pony, Three Forks, Twin Bridges, Virginia City, Whitehall, and Wisdom Please check the Lodge page for specific lodge contact information.

Virginia City Lodge #1 Virginia City
Montana Lodge #2 Ennis
Dillon Lodge #16 Dillon
Mystic Tie-Riverside Lodge #17 Whitehall
West Gate Lodge #27 Twin Bridges
Mount Jefferson Lodge #56 Pony
Manhattan Lodge #59 Manhattan
Wisdom Lodge #61 Wisdom
Three Forks Lodge #73 Three Forks


Bannack Historic Lodge #3-7-77

Our Objectives

Disseminate definition of "Good Man"

 Mentoring of New Candidates

Mentoring of New Lodge Officers

Provide Players for Degree Teams

Mentoring of Lodge Members for Degrees and Lectures


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