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Virginia City Lodge #1

A.F. & A.M of Montana

207 West Wallace, Virginia City, MT 59755


Worshipful Master Scott E. Francis
Senior Warden Gary Arthur Paulson
Junior Warden Tracy Steven Prescott
Treasurer Lyman H. Bennett, III
Secretary David L. Prewett, 539-6372
Lodge Instructor Gary Arthur Paulson
Chaplain Jacob V. Martin
Senior Deacon John Michael Reid
Junior Deacon Cody Kruse Johnson
Senior Steward Adam George Romkema
Junior Steward Robert Amous Hiers
Marshal Donald Stephen Cerovski
Organist Frederick Brian Crase
Tyler William A. Allen, Jr.
Librarian John Joseph Bettinger
Historian Lyman H. Bennett, III
Prospect Manager David L. Prewett


Sec. David Prewett, PGM

207 West Wallace, Virginia City, MT 59755
539-6373, daveprewett@msn.com , virginiacity1@grandlodgemontana.org


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Event Schedule

Chartered on: January 26, 1866
Meeting Times: 2nd Thu @ 7:00 PM
Every month

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