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Livingston Lodge #32

A.F. & A.M of Montana

130 N. 2nd St, Livingston, MT 59047



Worshipful Master Raymond Paul Richards
Senior Warden Cody Kruse Johnson
Junior Warden David Michael Westover
Treasurer Wendell Carl Olson
Secretary Terrance Alvin Peterson 223-7624
Lodge Instructor Mark James Bassett
Prospect Manager Terrance Alvin Peterson



Sec. Terrence A. Peterson

PO Box 677, Livingston, MT 59047
223-7624, liv32masonic@gmail.com

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Dana Latsch

Worshipful Master

Event Schedule

Chartered on: October 8, 1885
Meeting Times: 1st Tuesdays at 7:00pm, year-round

For reservations call 223-7624

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